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Vol.65 Issue 02
Cover Artist: Sim Chi Yin

All things become islands before my senses…
Cesare Pavese






[it’s a slow roll out]


Minna Zallman Proctor
Editor’s Letter


Wayne Miller
On Childhood
On Aesthetics

J. Robert Lennon
Ten Short Essays 

Krystyna Dąbrowska
translated from Polish by Mira Rosenthal

Brandon Taylor
When Will We Get What We Deserve?

Emily Luan
Your longed-for true form
Target™ Haibun

Stephanie Bernhard
Summer of Love

Matt Hart
The Pretty Red-Head
Wilder Bluer Yonder
A Comforting Return

Lis Anna-Langston
all of my days were nights

Robert Farnsworth
Dog Ears
Prepared Instruments
Further Notice

Mark Doten
Judith and Ahmed: A Story of Friendship

Leah Umansky
Heart Out

Linda E. Keyes
A Mother of Concern




Tiziano Scarpa
translated from Italian by Stiliana Milkova
The Philosophy Student
The Subway Operator

The Vegetable Seller

Shanna Merceron
Once Upon an Ending

Dujie Tahat
The Therapist We Never Got Says, “Time Doesn’t Do Anything—You Have to Fill It.”

Brian Evenson
A Report on Forbidden Beverages

Khal Torabully
translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson
[For the first time]

Bart Schaneman




Richie Hofmann
Historic District

Selena Anderson
The Jewel of the Gulf of Mexico

Brian Tierney

Jackson Saul
The Rat Problem

David Varno
Minor Neil

Cassandra Lee
The Mystery of Small Houses


Sim Chi Yin

Ba Tu, 72, returns to what’s left of her house struck by a landslide four days earlier. This bedroom snapped off into the river and the mattress her daughter-in-law had just been sleeping on floated away. The two women, who were alone at home, ran out of the house after saving some rice grains from the kitchen which has also disappeared. In the commune of Hiep Phuoc, in Nha Be district, 33km southeast of Saigon. (Used by permission.)

* The epigram by Italian poet Cesare Pavese is taken from the poem, “Passion For Solitude,” from the collection Disaffections: Complete Poems 1930-1950 translated by Geoffrey Brock.