Eat Shit, Horseface

TRANSLATED FROM SPANISH BY DAVID BRUNSON   When I think of freedom I think of Isla, my mare, And I think of a photo of my grandmother, Gorgeous at seventeen. She remembers, in those days, When a man told her … Continued

Patria o muerte— ¡Venceremos!

TRANSLATED FROM SPANISH BY DAVID BRUNSON   I joined the socialist party at 16. That is I lived through the flowering of a failed state before losing my virginity. We watered the votes with our voices, The revolution was our … Continued

Dominion and Volume

    He crows to prepare our yards with his presence, and he orders the space between us. He stands it up straight. Inside his own sound, he is the world itself, not of it. He populates our yards with … Continued


  When I mention a crush I have on some boy I’ll forget in three weeks’ time or never, call it love, Scuba, my closest friend, rolls his eyes, shoots back Did you pee on him so he’s marked as … Continued

The Prophecy

Holding my death in his mouth I’m reminded of a cat Snapping a canary up All blood and blonde feathers and grey fur Tiny beak and talons no match against that Merciless beast Poor creature  I have arrived here And … Continued

A Poem to Behemoth

    FOR ALL FORMS OF POWER ARE FORMS OF VIOLENCE AMONG MEN. —MIKHAIL BULGAKOV, THE MASTER AND MARGARITA I gotta get my mind off the pulsing tightness in my chest so my psychiatrist has asked me to think on … Continued

Failed Essay on Shapes

    Mother tells Girl, who chews the word like bubble gum.   Or, newly toothed, Girl really chews an elephant’s helping of gum.   More interested in blowing a bubble than in the names of what she can see. … Continued

You Whom They Border

      you border crosser in this simulation you constantly slip and call one border by the other’s name the names aren’t straight inside of you and you conflate one with two because you still yearn for another border … Continued

You, Amateur Interpreter

  You would have told yourself as your mother sat in the dentist’s chair, had you known who Wittgenstein was then, “I have to imagine pain which I do not feel on the model of the pain which I do … Continued


      I haunt you because I love you. You are constantly surprised by this. I am made of papier-mâché. You have dreamt of this before, a serious matter. You delight in torment. We were made for this. I … Continued


    A professor once wrote me that to write of fruit or flowers or dreams, no matter how deftly, is the lowest form of metaphor, after processions. Years later, on the subject again, she that time indicted horses as … Continued


The pleasures of the streets, perfumed with hazelnuts and cheese, medieval rivers, edges reduced to ice. Of walking irregular stones, past the silent, frustrated dead, in black shoes with laces. As we pass, my eyes meet his (same sad longing) … Continued

Historic District

    With purpose, you pull up the blinds. Light enters the room like a feeling violating a man. Sitting up in a bed built for a husband and a wife, I think for a second nature has taken us … Continued

[For the first time…]

translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson for the castaways of the Ker Anna       For the first time, we were naked. Who taught us to fall from the tree? What power had we wasted? To which blood founding our … Continued

[Pour la première fois…]

aux naufragés du Ker Anna   Pour la première fois, nous étions nus. Qui nous apprit à tomber de l’arbre ? Quel pouvoir avions-nous perdu ? A quel sang édifiant les palabres ? Combien d’oiseaux seront éperdus au bastingage de … Continued

The Philosophy Student

Translated from Italian by Stiliana Milkova   the philosophy student dreams she has insomnia her hair grows at night spilling from her bed even-numbered strands sprout into serpents’ heads odd-numbered strands splice into steel scissors serpents and scissors battle while … Continued

Heart Out

For Marina       My friend tells me my courage is my vulnerability, that in my overthrow of self lies refinement. What part un-hindering & what part exchange? Is it courage that extends the detangling of days? Maybe so. … Continued