On the Occasion of Our Tenth Anniversary



Sea-green eyes, skin 

            the color of dust, I 


come from a long line of fire 

            signs.  We seed 


the open field 

            in our mind, before 


the soil has seen 

            a single harrow 


whose moon cold metal 

            teeth drag root, 


stone and grass up by the hair

            to make the soil finer, 


fit for this

            seed.  Generation after generation


we have gotten as far as the fantasy 

            and no farther.  I grow up thinking


marriage is a field.  I balk at

            the barrenness of that


field and balk, also, at the plow.

            My shoulders are slight.  


Hands, then, be strong:   

            lower the beam my love has made







poet Julia Guez looks off camera in a bold pair of glasses while wearing a suit

Julia Guez is the author of In an Invisible Glass Case Which Is Also a Frame (Four Way Books, 2019). Her poetry, prose and translations have appeared in Poetry, Guernica, The Guardian, Kenyon Review, PEN Poetry Series and the Brooklyn Rail. Four Way Books will be releasing her next book, The Certain Body, in 2022.  Guez teaches creative writing at Rutgers.  She also serves as the senior managing director of program design and implementation at Teach For America New York. Guez lives in Brooklyn and online at www.juliaguez.net. (PHOTO BY WESLEY MANN)

Guez has previously had her work published in TLR’s Game Theory issue.