Chopsticks ||| Monkeybicycle

My cat is taking drugs again. I’m pretty sure he’s getting them from this neighborhood boy named Alex, a mouth-breathing white kid with cornrows. Chopsticks, my cat, is a 6 year-old tabby I adopted from a kitten rescue program after my girlfriend … Continued

The Smoker in Winter ||| 3:AM Magazine

Willowbrook Road is a fierce run of valleys and curves. The fog settles down just after dark, the temperature drops, and the cool dampness slides into the grass. The deer, the sloths, and the groundhogs come out – glinting at … Continued


My father is watching in amazement as my phone rings but I don’t pick it up. “You’re not going to answer that?” he asks, incredulous. “No,” I say. He’s seventy-one, reading the Times, wearing a black sweat suit and sipping … Continued

The Girlfriend Game ||| Metazen

We’re getting a little bored, so I ask my girlfriend if she wants to play the game tonight.  She says she does.  I was hoping she’d say that. Every time we play the game, it brings us a little closer … Continued

The Great Paint Lake ||| H.O.W. Journal

Madeline wore stockings, which Julia thought would’ve looked sexier if her shoes had a higher heel, or any heel at all, really. She must have walked into all rooms, including this one—Julia’s studio apartment—like a patient, silently clutching a purse … Continued

Loosestrife ||| The Missouri Review

From work I usually go straight home to feed the cubs, who’ve come to depend on me for dinner, which isn’t necessarily healthy but has its gratifying aspects–for all of us, I think. But this had been one of those … Continued

We Have the Answer to the Apocalypse

The world was going to end at 11:36 that night. It would be very anticlimactic; the universe, due to some comical flaw in its construction, was simply going to collapse on itself at the speed of light. An international team … Continued

O Liberated Eyes ||| AGNI

In the airport babies were crying. Babies all through the building were howling themselves into stupors. One baby must have started it and the others were moved to join in. I pulled my suitcase past the gates, where people sat … Continued

The True Definition of Fat

ze-nith n. 1. For twenty years Alyson attempted every diet fad imaginable with no success. Grapefruit, South Beach, Suzanne Somers, Hilton Head; the list of Alyson’s failed diets read like the glossary to a B-movie star’s unauthorized biography. If only … Continued

Stunt ||| from Spork Press

Bored to dust, Bryan clicked off the buzzing TV and picked up the newspaper. The weather report on the bottom of the front page featured a smiling cartoon sun and HIGH 108, LOW 90. The evaporative cooler hummed and clanked … Continued

A Week of Abalone

Carlos (Not-a-Mexican) Townsend III was one of the Topanga boys, which meant he’d grown up wild in the hills. My family were Dust Bowl escapees living out in the Valley, but Carlos and I were sent to the same high … Continued

The Ulysses Butterfly ||| from alice blue

The ULYSSES BUTTERFLY eats kerosene, little puffballs, and is a danger to draw in with the finger. They breathe fire. They are fantastic. They are firecrackers of the fluttering type. Spontaneous combustion is caused by the consumption of a Ulysses … Continued

It Takes All Kinds

Bill Ackerman was up in his bedroom changing into his sweats for his daily morning jog around the neighborhood when the phone rang. Calls in the morning at this time were almost always for his wife, usually one of her girlfriends wanting … Continued