Self-Mastery ||| The Poetry Project

We thank you for your interest, an urge from within, a special something.
A sea of metaphysical books before they amounted to clairvoyance.
An ether inside a higher ether.

Two sensitivities to one whole
and a dimension of your dormant psychic abilities.
How many invisible helpers are mirrors.
Ancient truths test and two subscribing religious backgrounds,
two teachings that fall beyond the desire world.

Three is to awaken through solar currents;
a dense body, a tool and a hindrance.
Three activities, three additional mediums.

Four times the organization benefits the unused sex force.
Four taps into the same harmonious personal relationships.

If five innovative solutions connect in the cerebrospinal nervous system,
periodically conjure the acme of materiality, play the aura,
organize preceding exercises, and travel to a temple.




Mónica de la Torre works with and between languages. Her most recent poetry book is The Happy End/All Welcome (Ugly Duckling Presse). Recent poetry appears in Paris Review and Big Big Wednesday. She teaches in the Literary Arts program at Brown University.

“Self-Mastery” was featured on The Poetry Project in October 18, 2017.

Her poem “Unlike nostos, algo is unspecified.” is featured in TLR: Feverish.

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