The Husband & I stand next to each other: not speaking, sometimes speaking. See? Asks the photograph. A closeness or almostness? The photograph is meaningless except insofar as it is a record of us in a place at a moment … Continued


The light was mocking and complicit; it shone a requiem between the girl’s stiffening hands. the boy set about writing. he dictated his memories to the airless quiet, to the ashes, to destiny’s whispering ways, this gloomy exclamation point, the … Continued

There Will Be No More Daughters

No nail to spark the fires, no waists to nip in. There will not be cookery or starguide, no petite or hardiness in lace, hardly an elegance. No celebrities for the TV. No dogeared books on floral arrangement or patched … Continued

Invisible Cities

INVISIBLE CITIES We explore the architecture, landscapes, new horizons of art. With new work by John Kinsella, Eric Barnes, Stephen O’Connor, Collier Nogues, Benjamin Sutton, Erica Anzalone, Geoffrey Nutter, Rachel Zucker