The Denison Homestead




Caring is a disease passed on

My grandpa stood here and my dad

imagined him doing so, and I

am here to pay my respects to

the love my dad had for him

Buy a tee shirt with my family crest

in a gift shop in a

room, on land, haunted by loves and horrors

collapsed into living, begatting, death, really

who cares about these people

fucking and colonizing

Take my picture

by the sign





Cover of TLR's "Chemistry" issue with cover art by Wayne Chang

Brittany Dennison is a poet from St. Louis and Seattle who currently lives in New York, where she works at New Directions. She has published poems in Electric Literature, Gramma, The West Wind Review, Abraham Lincoln, and the Pacifica Literary Review.

The Denison Homestead first appeared in TLR Chemistry.