Six Haikus







One sneeze can kill you

Church bells ring seven futures

Blackbirds flex sunlight




Blunt-rolling squirrels

A crow rocks an evergreen

The cupola smiles




A dog on Front Street

Struggles to sniff out sickness

Stripped forsythias




The airborne hoaxes

Lamp in the cut for their chance

New morgues for the chilled




Tell me more, heartbreak

I can’t remember the date

Medicinal puffs




Slow jam grips a chime

A deaf ghost knocks on my door

The true spiritual





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photograph of poet Willie PerdomoWillie Perdomo is the author of Smoking Lovely: The RemixThe Crazy Bunch, The Essential Hits of Shorty Bon Bon, and Where a Nickel Costs of Dime. Winner of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Cy Twombly Award for Poetry, the New York City Book Award for Poetry, the International Latino Book Award, and the PEN Open Book Award, Perdomo is co-editor of the Breakbeat Poetry Series anthology, Latínext. His work has appeared in the New York Times MagazinePoetryThe Best American Poetry 2019, and African Voices. He is currently a Lucas Arts Literary Fellow, a core faculty member at VONA/Voices of our Nation Writing Workshop, and teaches at Phillips Exeter Academy.

These haikus are from Pluck Gems from Graves: Haikus, a work in progress.



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