Of Mule and Deer ||| Boston Review

Out of a tin-cold, murmuring black wood
Lightly you lope, pale deer, lifting
A story from pages of snow

Nothing turns in your eye they say

Toward the tin-cold and murmuring black wood
I bear a display case of blue light
Say it was the sky

Say all you want            it was the sky


Farid Matuk is the author of This Isa Nice Neighborhood and, most recently, The Real Horse. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Arizona and on the editorial teams at Fence and The American Age.

Of Mule and Deer” was first published in Boston Review in 2009 and appears in This Isa Nice Neighborhood, which was published by Letter Machine Editions in 2010.

Look for new work from Farid Matuk in TLR: Chemistry, the all-poetry issue, available now.