Object Permanence



Making out inside a Richard Serra
Strikes me as the right way to take in art
Like embracing an echo
The moment examined mercurifies
An eviscerated longing
I feel like a voyeur
Eating warm cheese at the gallery
Among paintings of American landscapes
Green grasses greedily all over
Pockets of bounty and fetishistic boundaries
Everywhere evidence of the delusion of control
Off canvas tract houses and company towns
For now a small rock spins as green as glades
Green as moss
As dollars
Another day another heist of the present
To pay for the past
The cash cow has failed to lactate forever
Where are the wise graziers
Who would recognize refusal as referendum?
Even in winter
We stand here insisting
A good party never ends
It merely liquids into aspirin
And poetry isn’t dead
It’s gone to live on an upstate farm
The world is like that also
Getting over its need to be seen



Sarah Jean Grimm is the author of Soft Focus and a founding editor of Powder Keg Magazine. She edits the small press After Hours Editions, and hosts Bank Holiday, a reading series in Catskill, NY. She lives in New York City, where she works as Publicity Manager at Catapult, Soft Skull, & Counterpoint Press.

“Object Permanence” originally appeared in TLR: Feverish

CORRECTION NOTE: The print edition of “Object Permanence” has an error in the last line. This post represents the poem’s correct version.the front cover of TLR: Feverish, summer 2019