Discountry ||| Radar

A wooded, bloodied word,
a dozing
black daisy.

Into you out
of my
head how many times,

out of air and earthward,
bird with no throat, bird unopened.

of my desire, your arms

free of the frozen stream.

To die into what I am learning
is willing to die of its joy,

into what is
unlimited, is beautiful and honest,
is mine,

is passing from dark, is of you.


Sean Patrick Hill is the author of  three books of poems and two hiking guides, one of them being Hiking Kentucky’s Red River Gorge: Your Definitive Guide to the Jewel of the Southeast. His poems recently appeared or are forthcoming in Green Mountains Review and The Literary Review. His prose has appeared in Appalachian Heritage and Sierra, and his photography has appeared in Phoebe. He recently held fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center and the Appalachian Writers Workshop. He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Discountry” was first published in Radar Poetry‘s 3rd issue in 2014.

Look for new work from Sean Patrick Hill in TLR: Chemistry, the all-poetry issue, available now.