i’m the little parakeet girl

her caged and useless

beat her flight of wings

i’m the fire breathing kitten

feather green and flame

baby panther dragon scaly

cat the way she purrs you

back again i’m the insect

her suffering legs and

hands her testament

her prayer to the kitchen

in it’s 3 am existence

i’m the gather of the beam

through the fragmenting

blinds the stretch across

the tile and the feline paws

i’m the little spider star

web of lights i’m the moon

but i’m only her @night





Cover of TLR's "Chemistry" issue with cover art by Wayne Chang

Dana Jaye Cadman is a poet and visual artist who currently lives in New York, where she teaches writing and runs arts events. Her work has appeared online and in print, and has been a featured performer at North American Review Bicentennial Creative Writing and Literature Conference, Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival, and New York Shakespeare Convention.

@danajaye first appeared in TLR Chemistry.