Tug (Into the Market)

    The screw of a tug stirs the night, thrums the chest like a heart in blood.   Does it fight? Yes. Its iron mass displaces fear   if fear is a kind of tide. Inside its cabin, a … Continued

Turning Points and Revolution

Splayed before the white plastic table two hearts an orifice several ears a hue & a small cloud …And are we supposed to believe she can suddenly talk angel? Who thought this stuff up? … —from “Girls Overheard While Assembling … Continued

I Live Here

  TABLE OF CONTENTS “I Live Here” We live by waters breaking out of the heart. —Anne Carson   Minna Zallman Proctor Editor’s Letter Over the past year, I found it harder and harder to think of “I live here” … Continued

The Tides

Because literature mimics the symmetry of nature, and because nature couldn’t care less. This is our eddy, our tiny human biosphere: birth, death, marriage, madness, and the seismic legacy of Virginia Woolf. Featuring new work from: Christine Schutt, Mass Rasmussen, Molly Jean Reid, John Kinsella, Diane Mehta, Clay Matthews

The Rogue Idea

THE ROGUE IDEA flickers at the periphery of its custodian’s reach. Outlaw or fool? Bold genius, dreadful distraction, extraneous as neon blue? It’s a gamble for sure, a tumble off the pendulum, that shadowy promise of what? Come with us. Take a leap. Follow this uncharted trail. It may be your only, your last, chance. New poetry from Peter Shipper, William Zander, Steven Heighton, Geoffrey Nutter. New prose fiction from Yoram Kaniuk, Joyce Hinnefeld, Christopher Sorrentino, Jesse Goolsby. And Alex Stein interviews H.L. Hix.

Encyclopedia Britannica

ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA Where do you get your information? These fairy tales are 100 percent factual. Our verse has been verified. Our scribes fly. Our poets buried the grail. Big words have many syllables. Small words are perfectly calibrated. Everything is made up here except what’s true or seems to be so. New work from Mary Jo Bang, Osama Alomar, Albert Goldbarth, Polina Barskova, Ales Steger, Renee Ashley, Martha Witt, Christian Barter, Michael Bazzett