Interview with Adam Haslett

I have known Adam Haslett for over half of my life. He’s not the first person I thought of for Machismo. But as Norman Mailer is no longer with us . . . Adam was the second person. He’s been … Continued

Machismo: A Field Guide

Steve Davenport’s drunken sestinas. Duff Brenna’s sodden marriage. Lance Olsen’s murderous toddlers. R.A. Villanueva unseats the father. THIS IS MACHISMO: A FIELD GUIDE. Adam Haslett admits he’s a teacup. And Zachary Lazar ruminates on satire, turkey wraps, and Sam Lipsyte.

50th Anniversary Issue

TABLE OF CONTENTS 50th Anniversary Issue   Walter Cummins Editor’s Letter  It may seem contradictory that an international journal of contemporary writing culminates its 50th anniversary year with an issue focusing on New Jersey. But consider it an homage to … Continued