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Our magazine does something different, something you can’t find in commercial publishing. We’re not afraid of literature, hybrid genres, foreign fiction, long poems, novellas. In our pages bold new voices appear alongside established luminaries, and the results are exciting, vibrant, literary. Be brave. Read adventurously. Subscribe to TLR.

Four issues a year. We’re a quarterly.

Exciting new work in the Women’s Studies issue (out NOW) by Paula Bomer, Brenda Shaughnessy, Priscilla Becker, and so many more women redefining what-women-write. This winter and spring we’re looking forward to audacious new poems from Shane McCrae, brain-twisting new sci-fi (Ray Bradbury style) from Anjali Sachdeva, myriad interpretations of the John Le Carré oeuvre, a wacky drug-addled mid-century Parisian travelogue—and that’s just for starters.


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