The Putin Resurrections ||| Gulf Stream

I’d heard the rumor that Putin was bringing people’s fathers back to life. It seemed the stuff of urban myth, some superhero lore cooked up by Putin and his minions to incite awe. Then I got a notice to appear … Continued

Bluff ||| THRUSH Poetry Journal

It’s a familiar script, a gull’s attention to wind, gray petal, feather-slammed, accustomed to bullying, not me, I turn my back on it, claim this pool room’s lit pasture, its geography of Bells, and contemplate the erosions, a house inching … Continued

What Broke in the Move ||| flyway

In my favorite picture of us, we’re sitting side by side on the concrete front porch of the house where I grew up, each with an arm slung over the other’s shoulders. Both have bright red bits of yarn holding … Continued

Mussel ||| The Adirondack Review

Not muscle as in strong, but mussel as in the blue-black stone that opens to orange flesh. Axel, your kindness reminds me of those moments when my brother and sister and I waited for the tide to pull low, and … Continued

Dirty Shoes ||| Duende

I kicked a soccer ball in Malaysia. They put me out of kindergarten In Kuala Lumpur, 1965, with Aunties praying over me in relays, “Save this wild child.” Forty-five years pass, Aunties, those alive, unstoppable, still praying, As I sit … Continued

To Abel ||| Kweli

Sing your song sudden, let it be a car door hitting the breastbone, small tear in the pink of an eye. Who hears it when you keep its hum at the base of your throat? I do. I am the … Continued

Some Of Us Can Leave ||| Carve Magazine

People say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die, but it also happens when you find out you’re pregnant. And unemployed. Yesterday I got news of one life-changing event right after news of the other. First, Bethany … Continued

Song ||| In Posse Review

after Edward Hirsch This is a song to be sung by a soloist wearing a paper crown, for the speechless, the missing, the kidnapped at dawn, the ones pole-vaulting the border but never hitting the ground. This song is but … Continued