Dirty Shoes ||| Duende

I kicked a soccer ball in Malaysia. They put me out of kindergarten In Kuala Lumpur, 1965, with Aunties praying over me in relays, “Save this wild child.” Forty-five years pass, Aunties, those alive, unstoppable, still praying, As I sit … Continued

To Abel ||| Kweli

Sing your song sudden, let it be a car door hitting the breastbone, small tear in the pink of an eye. Who hears it when you keep its hum at the base of your throat? I do. I am the … Continued

Some Of Us Can Leave ||| Carve Magazine

People say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die, but it also happens when you find out you’re pregnant. And unemployed. Yesterday I got news of one life-changing event right after news of the other. First, Bethany … Continued

Song ||| In Posse Review

after Edward Hirsch This is a song to be sung by a soloist wearing a paper crown, for the speechless, the missing, the kidnapped at dawn, the ones pole-vaulting the border but never hitting the ground. This song is but … Continued

Shoes Off ||| Desert Companion

Some dark nights I drift out my window, Where the streets are long strings of red and white pearls, Each one humming. And sometimes I’ll get as far as the outskirts. There the hills clench the city Like a burning … Continued

Hometowns ||| Standing Watch

the background needs revising you can return to your hometown —Bei Dao So long as there’s a hometown you’re not free —Ko Un   When you say hometown, you mean the place where an old girl friend I hurt in … Continued

Jant ||| Monkeybicycle

I watched a woman fix a roadside shrine just before the rain came. Blue and purple plastic flowers thinned by summer sun and bent weird by winter. Coat hangers built into a cross. Nailed into a swamp oak. Ya know. … Continued

In the Garden ||| Piscataway House Publications

In the garden planted by the church group, tomato plants struggle, radishes, too, leaves withered in the streaks of sun, against the broad-leafed vines that crawl along the moist dirt as the prickly stalks invade the fenced-in plot. Rabbits eat … Continued

Metastasis ||| The Missouri Review

When the glaciers armied through Florida, like anywhere else, they left a mess of rocks and sand and animal bones behind them. They did this peacefully over a long period of time, and the animals felt peaceful as they died … Continued

Song Bird & Beef Bone ||| Duende

Bird perches in the strings of flesh and sings of the dead. What we all do. Same day I heard the story about the boy. Same day the weather changed, dark clouds all along the ridge. Where they found the … Continued

Why We Are With The Men We Are With ||| Hobart

Two drinks in, we’re complaining. Jem wants a second baby, “But who the hell will gestate it?” Her husband Paul is a stay-at-home dad. I’m regretting ordering my Gibson. The cocktail onion reminds me of a bobbing eyeball: slimy and … Continued

The Omega ||| The Georgia Review

Dearest, God, I have brought you the world. Inside are the beginnings of the Earth, the great cities, the moon circling the stars above the plains. And here is the universe as you intended it, all of a piece. Please … Continued

Juliette ||| Paris, Etc.

Translated from the Russian by Bryon MacWilliams Various things can be demanded from an actor. There is some kind of balance between that which can be expected, creatively, and that which can be imposed by a director. In movies an … Continued