Vall de Núria

The white rose. The celestial silence. The lake of light. The bed-like inner thigh Of empyrean buttermilk and gold, Call it what you will, it wakes me tonight. Heaven reheavens. And the mind’s prelude To the touch of your lips … Continued

As Jesus

From here I can see your house. From here the pussy willow snaps. From here a levee breaks. Leeward of the cross my mother’s eating dirt. Joseph pulls her hand away.   I’m not allowed to say Daddy yet. I … Continued

The Drawer Marked Meats

A bedtime story about Bluebeard all the wives on meat hooks then wake up and the house is dark.   Fear is a gift from mother — the way she grabbed our collar bones, said:   get inside. We had … Continued

Greeting ||| from Transom

  Why hello, spaceship of light. Hello glowing orb resplendent. Hello sound marrowed through a soothsayer’s moon. What does that even mean? Hello cynicism. Hello click of cicada wings against the fenders. Hello face hung between us during lovemaking. In … Continued


  Stripped of definition, our street succumbs to snow, pedestrians Succumb to snow angels, temporary trenches in the gradual kingdom.   At this time more than any other I find it necessary, despite any And all information spread before me, … Continued

Near sonnet for my hometown

A boy in a fireman’s coat, first chair French horn, Kurt Cobain handwriting, his back to the teacher, fingernails painted black. Dark hair a crown of curls, his eyes a pair of light-colored M&Ms. On the stair between class, we … Continued

Swarm ||| from Hot Metal Bridge

I. Two bees fence before us, foils reversed. Mouths stained powdered orange, t-shirts ripped from fighting; scabby armed, we gulp Tang from scratched-blue plastic glasses, spy the neighbor through the wire gridded safety of the screen door as he carries … Continued

Four Trees ||| From APIARY

  Optimism That tree isn’t dead. It’s just tired.   Optimism I am watering my shoe tree.   Optimism I inhaled one of those fuzzy seed things floating everywhere. When the choking ends I will become a tree.   Allergic … Continued

Lake House ||| from 32 Poems

I can see the rift in the lake as David’s father yells again for his mother to gun the engine She guns it but he’s still too old to get up on the water     He won’t stop saying to David … Continued

The child is tired

Beneath his eyes the skin is blue because he is tired of scissors and the paper he carries home, tired of the sound of the classroom animals he hears, waiting for sleep, tired of the morning bowl of cereal and … Continued

An Autopsy of an Era || from The Awl

That’s how it was then, a knife through cartilage, a body broken. Animal and animal as mineral ash. A window smashed. The collective howl as a general alarm followed by quiet.  Boot-black night, halogen hum. Tape snaking through a stealth … Continued

the birds that night

the birds that night were saying no more than they had to, they were saying no more, they were saying no more than they had, so the conductor of the night stopped it, saying, “first bird, mark the slurs and … Continued

MERMAID and REPORT ||| from Souvenir

  Mermaid You show reluctance behind the fire hydrant spray. Haze hangs higher than sun over water.  You were there, impeccable. Hygiene washes up on shore. To make a myth out of what happened. A table tipped over separates the … Continued


                                                                      1. A brand in a can … Continued


Translated from Spanish by Yvette Siegert     For Raúl Gustavo Aguirre   This mania of knowing myself an angel, without age, without a death in which to live me, without piety for my name or for my bones that … Continued