Vegetarian Poem

Now we are only half human being. We do things with hesitation, we do things with ego. Even when we don’t hesitate, we do things with ego. Yeah, I know I was vegetarian because the God inside us wants it. … Continued

The Taste of Metal

Translated from Polish by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough Endless trouble, this wind Here on the river black at this time of year When shallow ruts glazed with ice crackle. Digging into memory as if digging into the recesses of a walnut He looked … Continued

Castle ||| The Awl

A house is an elephant I live in I live in one room and death is also in it like a plant I forget sometimes to water With time I can forget anything Lost to me have been some lakes … Continued

Baked Ziti

a couple names their child Baked Ziti then she is orphaned this is one example of the joke against humanity a man beside you on the train has been diagnosed with a learning disorder his doctor sends him home with … Continued


With the Versailles Treaty of 1919 the Danish-German border is the only one that is saved   Some countries like Poland, e.g. change their size and form and placement under cover of night   It is POles with headscarves it … Continued


Black oak chain-sawed into smaller logs, milled to board, sanded smooth in the barn, then doweled and fit with precision. Grandma’s buffet holds good china, stained glass in the doors,   one pane cracked: to fix it would mean taking … Continued


lobster is a delicacy to lobster, and possessed of the ability to drop and grow back claws, lobster is not known to feed off of itself. The temptations of self-sufficiency are great, but not great enough, nor is it the … Continued

Sociable ||| Alaska Quarterly Review

Translated from Norwegian by Robert Hedin and Dag T. Straumsvåg He got this disease, a small disease, but it was all he had. His parents were dead, his friends gone. At first he was reserved. Then he noticed the disease had … Continued

Breathing Under Water

Florida’s just a thumb on a jigsaw puzzle, but under water the Weeki Watchee Mermaids pour their tea, cook, exercise, iron clothes, guzzle with muscular skill their Grapette soda, with only occasional surreptitious sucks on an air hose hidden in … Continued


  The gas is a furnace of life a sizzling assembly line of wings and hair-like legs I must have been put together like that in a sudden burning string of letters   ###   Karina Borowicz has work in Bellevue … Continued

Lessons in Humility

Because I’m washed up, a fraction of myself. So miniscule I’m sure someone threw me a garden party & snipped off the heads of my guests—those droopy perennial know-it-alls. The world’s so tired, it melts down at the core. God, … Continued

We May All be Killed ||| from B O D Y

“I suppose it starts to happen first in the suburbs…people starting to come apart.” —Shirley Jackson, ‘Pillar of Salt’   Kirk house is still empty I see, poor front border guzzled by furze and lions. did you know them? sure, … Continued