Sometimes, Gender

Girls are quick to turn sour like milk or lemons. Boys grow antlers. At recess in the cold, I scuffed the edges of both circles, played team sports & the piano. Sometimes gender needs a new winter coat, or a … Continued

The Bishop of Bamberg

This is how he lived, with a messianic faith in his uniqueness. Every parishioner he touched, he became. This was mostly to the good. Gracious and stiff with his hand on the burgomaster’s cloak. Pedantic and disappointed when slipping the … Continued

In the Garden

You cry at the Sun Door then rush into the light. Is it feathered there—is it lined with pliant mousy fats? Is this where smell and sight combine? Are the roses lions’ heads? Are the roses ornamental, or is their … Continued


On the shoulder of St Jerome a bird speaks but cannot write and afraid of the past tense speaks prophecy The saint is the bird’s way of delivering messages but translation is difficult god’s voice or not and we have … Continued


Oh Idea, I try to by Jolly. I love you with my wooden sides. My flapping cardboard mast. Roll my name along, please, with your bearings. Merrily I’ll climb back into the Metal Caul. I fear we’ve hyphenated. ### Amy … Continued

The Old Now ||| Architrave Press

You might know it as yesterday. It currently sits in a back room knowing its moment wrinkled like water over creek stones then passed thoughtlessly away so now it holds vigil elbows propped on the windowsill studying rabbits and how … Continued

The Spirits of Suicide Forest

AKIGOHARA, JAPAN Visitors spot them clinging to the crooked pines. Spirit behaviors reported by day-tripping salary men can be pure absurdist theater or merely prankish— water taken from day packs stuck upside down in the mud, the braids of twin … Continued


Is one of the symptoms remembering the ghosts one has seen? I am not going to sign my name to this postcard because who knows whose eyes will see it besides yours and you should know who is in Mogadishu … Continued

Portable Cities

after yin xiuzhen \ Pack my village in your suitcase let’s get out of here. Here’s our hovercraft, here’s our disk drive, here’s our charioteer. Smell the colossus of our footprints—glass burns, copper verdure, the valley sings. Singe your fingers … Continued

The Flies ||| Rattle

That summer day it all went bad a swarm of flies infested the house, entered through holes in the screens and settled upstairs in the room I was using to type my novel. They buzzed boldly, each big as a … Continued

The Bearded Man

His chin-hair hardened like enamel from meat and bone-blood, says: This is how man was. With all of my weight on you I want you to feel how man was: Take the whole plate into your mouth and see what … Continued

Vegetarian Poem

Now we are only half human being. We do things with hesitation, we do things with ego. Even when we don’t hesitate, we do things with ego. Yeah, I know I was vegetarian because the God inside us wants it. … Continued

The Taste of Metal

Translated from Polish by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough Endless trouble, this wind Here on the river black at this time of year When shallow ruts glazed with ice crackle. Digging into memory as if digging into the recesses of a walnut He looked … Continued

Castle ||| The Awl

A house is an elephant I live in I live in one room and death is also in it like a plant I forget sometimes to water With time I can forget anything Lost to me have been some lakes … Continued

Baked Ziti

a couple names their child Baked Ziti then she is orphaned this is one example of the joke against humanity a man beside you on the train has been diagnosed with a learning disorder his doctor sends him home with … Continued