“And Then What America, And Then What?”

—MILTON KESSLER What if California wasn’t the end of possibility? Gleaming out past Alcatraz and Coronado— someplace real to reach, if only you could walk across the water.   Forget Manifest Destiny. What is ever manifest? What is destined? Today … Continued

The Lion Tamer Remembers ||| Witness

Translated from French by Andrew S. Nicholson listen up earthen colors too late your laughter eats the sun for rabbits for chameleons grasp my body between two long lines when famine becomes light sleep sleep we feel so heavy blue … Continued

The Mirror

Translated from Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval Leave leave me to do it she says and when she leans down when she goes to drown her face gently in the coarse hair in the dark marbled tangle over skin so … Continued

My Father’s Second Wife

Drinking egg creams, eating malt balls, she was solid Swedish stock—an athlete for the ages with a steak in her mouth, iron pills sized for cattle in her pockets. She called herself apprentice to the Protestant work horses, but only … Continued

Terrible Emmanuel, Fugitive

The house doesn’t know of the termite. The body doesn’t know its cancer until too late. The upper part of the shoe doesn’t know that the sole is wearing. The garden isn’t sure why it was planted. The tree doesn’t … Continued

Ad Tertiam ||| The White Review

Rows of pines, planted years ago – so many, were you to count them on your fingers, you would give up past a hundred span; and pain doesn’t yet know about it, while lording over all other feeling. Must explain … Continued

Fences Tight to the Ditches

Don’t fence me in, said my student just as the foil perforated his safety vest, slid straight around his vital organs, manufacturer’s defect, said the coach, fence denying blame. And haven’t the animals begun to watch, crows flapping up as … Continued


In a year of throwing voices into the hot wind Filling the road with blue and red sawhorses Blocking the street in a year of knowing the correct Word or where places were as I imagined them Growing dark like … Continued

All My Grooved and Scratched

All alone In the kitchen With the kids gone The wife gone The leaves gone The way walls disappear Into meadows The way knives Disappear Into marigolds Sunshine Into debris Of the spirit I’m all alone In the Kitchen I … Continued


Translated from Spanish by Curtis Bauer. Fernando and Alicia meet, like each other, and begin to date. She lives alone, he with his parents. One afternoon she asks him to walk home with her, because she needs to change clothes … Continued

All My Suicides Have Been Men

It’s no one’s bed we’re lying in & from it we can hear the almost-ocean in the eaves of the house behind the other house There is the whisper intrusion makes There the four low steps Here Rest yourself before … Continued

Letter for Elena Ferrante: Between Stations

One condition of emergence is flight        like the inside of an inside joke       it’s a public private thing like property         or a golf widow gazing         into her glass of gin         where does the time go where the cardinal … Continued


Translated from Persian by Idra Novey and Ahmad Nadalizadeh Of the moon all that’s left is a stain upon the window Of all the waters in the world this single drop on your cheek And the borders have painted over … Continued

Portrait of a Sea Woman

The clam grew depraved in the dark toe of a rubber boot, draped in fashion seaweed. I was a mermaid martyr who lusted after those boots. Then winter came. The black pond froze its black-eyed octopi, and I formed my … Continued