Comfort ||| from ASCENT

The girl flew over the handlebars while the boy who loved her stood still. It was the girl’s birthday and now she was going to die. The neighbor man who had seen the accident through his kitchen window and called … Continued


Georgianna Starlington had won Miss Fried Okra, Miss Yoknapatawpha County, Best Sandra Dee Lookalike, and Miss Delta Deltoids before she was out of her teens. She would never be Miss America, but she had been Miss American Pie. She had … Continued

[Spoiler Alert]

[SPOILER ALERT] Everything is people. It should have been obvious with the way so many disappear and never return. So many lost—grandma, your high school gym teacher, that girl from the news. Why did it take so long to uncover … Continued

Flea Market ||| from Drunken Boat

And as I sat there, far away, I found myself cataloging the few things I own, and I began to think about a day when I’d ended up at a small flea market out on Coney Island. The market was … Continued

FRAN ALEXANDER ||| from Gigantic

  Fran Alexander famously brought cans of condensed milk to the teahouse so that she would never have to leave. Her standards, that is, were impossibly high.   There is broadness in the explanations of this biography that makes them … Continued


More than a few people have told me I talk like Scarlett Johansson. I have a low voice, I guess, which sounds funneled through fleshy lips. I was with a man once who was obsessed with the resemblance. I mean … Continued

A Private Revolution

The baby was crying, really crying, but GraceAnn didn’t know what to do. She dumped the little boy, kicking and screaming, into his crib and closed the door to the nursery. Her arms and neck were stiff with rage. That … Continued

The Overseer ||| from Fanzine

Vic was fully absorbed, examining a display of Guatemalan worry dolls on a rectangular folding table when I walked up behind him. The dolls were made from colorful thread wrapped around wire armatures. Each one had a price tag pressed … Continued

The Korean Girl Problem

VI. Music so faint she mistakes it for thought. By morning she usually forgets whatever songs she wrote the night before. Sometimes she salvages one and figures it out on her guitar, but the new song is usually so different … Continued

Twitching Heart

Teresa called Chuy at work and asked him to stop by the house and watch the boy. Her call was what he’d wanted, a sign she was cooling off, but Chuy couldn’t relax as he sat in his old living … Continued

City of Lonely Women

The town I grew up in is famous for two things. One is granite, which supposedly made my great-great-grandparents rich. The old quarries are still there, empty and echoing, the jutting ridges of which we climbed as children. Like magic, … Continued

The Visit

Dona Celia is absolutely certain that the dress she is wearing is the perfect choice for the occasion of greeting her son and his American wife, yes, wife. Alberto just called; they have already passed through customs and will arrive … Continued

Roger Weber Would Like To Stay

How it happened isn’t clear to her. Roger Weber is possibly the product of a dream that made the leap from her subconscious into her waking life, but his habits are human enough in their predictability. He sticks to a … Continued

Xarles, Xavier, Xenos

And all around me, only disappointment: Only my house, slowly sinking into the ever-muddying earth. Only my horses, my one remaining milk-cow, lying together upon their sides, moaning in the swamp of our fields. Only my crops, my husk- barren … Continued