The Literary Review (TLR) publishes the best new fiction, poetry, and prose from a broad community of international writers and translators, both emerging and established, whose commonality is literary quality and urgency of voice and artistic conviction. It is this genuine community of readers, writers, and publishers that distinguishes us. Our editorial standard is to read with an open, discerning mind, and to publish carefully and vigorously. We connect our writers to readers.

TLR has been published since 1957 by Fairleigh Dickinson University.


TLR Share is a curated section of our website dedicated to the reinforcement of our literary community. Through weekly features of stories, poems, or lyric prose published in other small magazines, the TLR Share Editors endeavor to extend the life and reach of individual literary publications, by republishing selected works in full. Browse some recent TLR Shares.



Minna Zallman Proctor, Editor

Craig Morgan Teicher and Michael Morse, Poetry Editors

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Justin Taylor, Fiction Editor

Renée Ashley and René Steinke, Editors-at-Large

Kate Munning, Managing Editor

Louise Dell-Bene Stahl, Editorial Coordinator

Jessie Vail Aufiery and Heather Lang, World Literature Editors

Cory Johnston, Books Editor

Nina Ball-Pesut, Lisa Grgas, Ryan Romine, Tim Waldron Associate Editors

Walter Cummins, Editor Emeritus

Katrina Elwertowski, Brian Fence Assistant Editors

Janet Steen, Copyeditor

Editorial BoardDavid Grand, Jody Handerson, Thomas E. Kennedy, Michael Miller, Martin Riker, Jena Salon, Sudeep Sen, Brenda Shaughnessy, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Christopher Sorrentino, Illan Stavans, Jennifer Werner, Joanna Yas

Half and Half Studio, Print Design

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Editorial Board Emeritus: John E. Becker, H.E. Francis, Martin Green, Harry Keyishian, Marjorie Deiter Keyishian, Charles Simic, William Zander

Founders: Charles Angoff, Clarence Decker, Peter Sammartino

Readers: Gloria Beth Amodeo, Mariella Aponte, Anthony Ausiello, Frank Beltrano, Hayden Bergman, Robin Calcagnetti, Natalie Cannon, Cara Cavall, T. Nicole Cirone, Flower Conroy, Andrea Cox, Kimberly Coyle, Ceyda Demirbulakli, Maria Denoia, Patty Keefe Durso, Abby Eckert, Amelia Fisher, P. Joshua Laskey, Lars Lichtenfeld, Tammara Lindsay-Scrivens, Danielle MacConnell, Isabel Mader, Abby Maguire, Marina Marcello, Chad Meadows, Adrienn Mendonca-Jones, May Nasr, Maxine Patroni, Maria Poulatha, Cassie Pruyn, Colleen Quinn, Gabriella Shriner, Rob Sobel, Dan Stockman, Dana Stokes, Ian Stone, Ginger Thomason, Paul-Victor Winters, Anne Harding Woodworth

The Literary Review has been published quarterly since 1957 by Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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